Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall 2009 - Trip to Georgia and Halloween!

Oktoberfest at Fort Benning, Georgia. Everette and I went with Mike while he did his CRC for his next mission. It was a great visit... mom and dad drove up and spent the first weekend with us! We did several things there around Columbus, and then Everette and I drove out to visit with my dear friend Nellie and her big family! Nellie and her husband Rob have triplets! they were born in Hawaii just months before they moved, so I had not seen them since they were tiny tiny!

Mom and dad enjoying some Oktoberfest food and beer!

Father and son! So handsome!!

There they all are! Left to right the babies are Matthew, Austin and Emily. We had such a wonderful time visiting with them... they are such happy babies!!!

Matthew and Everette

Austin and Emily in the same swing!

While in GA we made a visit to the Atlanta Zoo! Rhett just loved it... Mike and I did too! They have a really nice set-up there. Once Everette realized that there was a 'train ride' it was hard to keep him focused on the animals though!

Really scary huh?!

oink oink!

My two goof balls!! i LOVE them so much!!!

At the pumpkin patch!
Everette and I went to visit my cousin Kim and her family while we were in Atlanta. We only spent one night, and I wish we could have visited longer :( We went with them to a pumpkin patch to take some pics....

My cousin's daughter, Sarah, with Rhett

My cousin's son, Clayton, with Rhett.

Halloween 2009
Everette dressed as a big scary dinosaur this year!!! (not so scary.... adorable if you ask me!) But he sure did enjoy 'growling'! We headed out to the fetivities with my friend Valerie and her two kids, Mathieu and Luca. We went to a Fall Festival before trick or treating to play some games and then braved the sprinkles and the cold to get the CANDY!! The weather cleared up nicely though, and we really enjoyed the whole trick or treat experience (Rhett's first!) He really got into and was sure to growl and say "trick or trick" at every house!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

April 2009

JACKPOT!! Easter Egg hunting at the Makoff's house!

Rhett had to stop and look in every egg as he found it, so needless to say he didn't get too many ;)

Go go!! Funny how all the parents in the background are taking pictures!

They had sooooo much fun! Thank you Tina and John or hosting such a wonderful party!

Rhett's Easter basket full of goodies!

Snuggling in mommy's bed...

He looks so innocent when he is asleep!

I just love him to pieces!!

Watching... learning... won't be long son!

"Mowing" with his new "boots" on

March 2009

Making pictures for daddy! Ikaia's daddy is in Iraq too, so they decided to make a card to send :) They were so funny about it!

Rhett's little buddy at school. He went to preschool at SeaGull School Mauna Lani for 2 months in the Spring.

Having fun at school!

Making cookies with the cousins! Alika brought the kids over for a sleepover and we had fun making sugar cookie cut-outs.... made a mess, but had FUN!

YUMMY!! Bekah enjoying the fruits of her labor

Sidewalk chalk art at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea. We met Valerie and her boys, Luca (same birthday as Rhett) and Mathieu. It was a beautiful day!

More pics of Rhett having fun at school! he really did enjoy going there... and I enjoyed the relief!

Daddy came home for a SURPRISE 4 weeks visit in March!! It was so wonderful!! Unfortunately, all the pics are on his camera and computer since he took them with his new camera :( We love you honey!!!

Posing on one of the statues at the Hilton Waikoloa.